The French Are Good at Most Things. Except English.

The French nightmare.

The French nightmare.

The French tend to agree they’re pretty good at most stuff, but they’ll readily concede that they’re not so good at English. However, that doesn’t mean they want to speak or hear any more of it in France.

Last Thursday, after weeks of acrimonious debate and vociferous objections by critics from all across the political spectrum, the French parliament just voted a measure allowing French universities to teach classes…in English. The measure remains controversial and will undoubtedly ignite more grumbling. Which raises two questions… Continue reading

Why a 75% Income Tax Is a Good Thing

Because it turns out the wealthy may not leave in droves after all.

We were expecting an exodus. A wave of livid high-income Parisians leaving for Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg and anywhere else the Hollande government couldn’t expropriate them of their hard-earned cash. Gérard Depardieu was only the most high-profile Frenchman earning more than a million Euros (the threshold for the tax) who was expected to revolt against what was viewed by the right-wing opposition as an unsustainably high rate of income tax by taking his residency elsewhere. Image 3

Now, at the one-year anniversary of Hollande’s election, it turns out the millionaires for the most part decided to stick around. Continue reading