I Have Just Launched a New Platform for News About France: Check It Out and Like It!

News about France in fresh, snappy bites you'll want to share.

News about France in fresh, snappy bites you’ll want to share.

For those of you who follow this blog or read it occasionally, you’re probably interested in France, or interested in figuring out what makes France and the French so…French. That’s what I try to figure out every week in the features I post here, where I try to go a little bit further than the headlines.

And now L’Amie américaine will also be bringing you those headlines. I have just launched a newsfeed about France on Facebook so you can truly be au courant of what’s happening in France. Easily, quickly, seamlessly integrated into your Facebook feed.

It’s also called L’Amie américaine and it’s a platform for news about all things French. It’s meant to be informative and fresh, quick and snappy. It’s complementary to this blog, which publishes a longer weekly piece. Follow L’Amie américaine’s Facebook feed to get a different kind of French fix–from the economy to gastronomy, from politics to lifestyle, from hard news to the Twitter buzz–in short bursts of news.

The brief: it’s a stream of news that will give you a sense of knowing–and understanding–everything that’s trending in France today. So please click here and “Like” it to follow!

Post your comments to the feed and let me know what you think.


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